Water as the basis of life.

ENSI Green's mission: Clean water, stronger communities

Partnering for sustainable water solutions in Uruguay

There are many coastal countries in the world, which are even called the most water-rich countries, but due to the increasing industrialized agriculture - on the part of external corporations - the groundwater is contaminated by fertilizers and pesticides (algae formation).

As a result, localities and municipalities of these countries decide - after a not thorough purification (due to lack of technology and capital) - now to strongly add chlorine to the groundwater, in order to make this water usable for the population at least as service water (no drinking water).

Since groundwater is also used in animal husbandry (cattle, sheep and fish farming as well as food production), toxins such as special pesticides are deposited in the food. Fertilizers and pesticides are also carried into surface waters by precipitation, resulting in heavy pollution - especially in fish farming.
The population has only the relatively expensive purchase of imported water or the partial use of the existing but not designated as drinking water to use - with up to severe health consequences.

ENSI green develops and implements sustainable environmental technology concepts and projects in Latin America (currently Uruguay). ENSI green is in association with technology companies from Germany for a sustainable future.
Safe and potable water is a basic necessity that is difficult to access nowadays.
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Mechanical Vapor Compression (MVC) is one of the most energy saving desalination processes as the heat is recovered.
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WME today is producing desalination plants with potable water production.
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Sustainable project development with good sense! Technology and project partners in the network. 
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