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Clean water is life, 
clean water is the future, 
Ensigreen has the solution.

In the search for inexhaustible sources of drinking water for Uruguay and Argentina, which in turn solve the water scarcity in terms of drinking and industrial water (distillates), our focus was first of all on an environmentally friendly solution.

Drinking water is scarce, but seawater is available almost infinitely. Around 16,000 desalination plants around the world convert undrinkable salt water more or less into drinkable water, some of which is of poor quality.

According to an article by an international research team in the journal ‘Science of the Total Environment’, the amount of brine contaminated with environmentally harmful chemicals is around 50% higher than previously assumed, especially in osmosis and reverse osmosis processes.
Water on Earth is 96.6% salt water and only 3.4% ice, lakes, rivers and groundwater, with some regions having a geographical advantage. Only 1% of this is available as drinking water, which, in addition to climate changes, leads to the well-known global water shortage. Seawater is made up of 96% water and 3.5-4.0% salt and minerals in dissolved ionic form.

The conversion of salt water into drinking water is still very inefficient and pollutes the environment. Since we work with a new process, vaporization, we are able to completely eliminate biological germs and drug residues, as well as unwanted minerals from the population
Safe and potable water is a basic necessity that is difficult to access nowadays.
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Mechanical Vapor Compression (MVC) is one of the most energy saving desalination processes as the heat is recovered.
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WME today is producing desalination plants with potable water production.
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Sustainable project development with good sense! Technology and project partners in the network. 
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If we could ever competitively at a cheap rate, get fresh water from salt water that would outshine any other scientific accomplishments.
- John F. Kennedy, April 1961

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