Sustainable sea desalination plants

ENSI Green: Clean water for latin america's Future

Innovative solutions transform sea water into sustainable drinking water, driving progress and preservatio

Contamination-free drinking water production is possible through the production of drinking water from sea water with the help of the most modern systems (which eliminate 99% of the pollutants and do not endanger marine biology).

Due to their mobility (inland), these plants can also be used as plants for cleaning fresh water (cleaning up larger surface water reserves).

As mentioned above, drinking water is also used in these countries for food production, so that clean drinking water for drinks and food of all kinds can be made available relatively cheaply through this technical application. In addition, a very large sales and usage market is opening up. Above all, however, solving the drinking water problem in cities and towns.

Furthermore, the water produced is suitable - due to its degree of purity - for industrial hydrogen production or for industrial use in general (purest distillate).

Our goals:

a) To provide access to clean drinking water for people, agriculture and industry

b) to relieve agriculture and ecosystems

c) Secure and expand jobs for national food and water

d) from the power supply unit (regenerative energy source) to make the excess electricity available to the communities (also to serve the issue of PET/PP/PE recycling; plastic waste is also a major problem in all regions of the world)

e) to produce biomass and agricultural products on their own cultivation area

f) Ensuring education and training in environmental technology and its related job descriptions, setting educational standards – in our educational center.

h) Producing organic fertilizer and extracting salt

ENSI green develops and implements sustainable environmental technology concepts and projects in Latin America. ENSI green is in association with technology companies for a sustainable future.
Safe and potable water is a basic necessity that is difficult to access nowadays.
Mechanical Vapor Compression (MVC) is one of the most energy saving desalination processes as the heat is recovered.
WME today is producing desalination plants with potable water production.
Sustainable project development with good sense! Technology and project partners in the network.

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