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Our newest development

A installation and commissioning of seawater desalination plants.

1.The first project includes

a) the installation and commissioning of seawater desalination plants – newest Development (emission=zero, absolutely low-maintenance and no residual pollutants - since it does not work based on osmosis) - as a supplier of drinking water and supplier of the purest distillate with an output per machine of 20,000 liters per hour and 20,000 liters of saline concentrate per hour for salt extraction at the coasts of Uruguay.

b) the important and existing cooperation with the desalination plant manufacturer (delivery, Installation, commissioning, service, training; association partner)

c) Cooperation with customers such as state water companies (Obras Sanitarias del Estado - OSE) or affiliated industrial, agricultural companies, beverage and food manufacturers, mineral oil companies. ENSI green won the multi-year tender from the state of Uruguay (Obras Sanitarias del Estado - OSE) solely to solve the water problem.

d) The acquisition of a farm to produce biomass and biofuel.

e) The opening of an education and training center (Montevideo)
2. Goals/initial Situation

Although Uruguay is one of the countries with the most water in the world (ranked 26th among all countries), it is due to increasing industrialized agriculture since 2016 - on the part of external companies, the groundwater has been contaminated by fertilizers and pesticides (algae formation). At the same time, Uruguay and large parts of Latin America are experiencing a severe drought due to climate change:
As a result, extracted groundwater now must be heavily chlorine-mixed to make it usable for the population as service water (no drinking water) and may not be used for anything else other than daily human use. Since the groundwater plus it is used in animal husbandry (cattle, sheep, and fish farming as well as food production), toxins such as glyphosate are deposited in the food. Fertilizers and pesticides are also carried into surface waters through precipitation, which leads to heavy pollution, especially in fish farming.

Water is now being rationed, including in supermarkets and other outlets.

Drinking water production from seawater - with the help of the most modern systems in the world (which eliminates 99% of the pollutants) - contamination-free drinking water production is guaranteed, which does not attack deep wells and groundwater. Due to their mobility (inland), these plants can also be used as freshwater purification plants (purification of larger surface water reserves such as the Rincón Del Bonete lake). Drinking water is also - as mentioned above - used in food production, so that clean drinking water is also available here very cheaply for drinks and food of all kinds. A very large sales and use market opens, but above all the solution to the drinking water problem in the cities and towns in Uruguay - including Montevideo completely (drinking the currently available water from the pipes of the local water supplier is expressly to be avoided, not to recommend). Furthermore, the water we produce is also suitable - due to its degree of purity - for industrial hydrogen production or for industrial use in general (purest distillate. Use e.g. also for the Production of hydrogen).
3. Effects

a) The lowering of the groundwater level is reduced, the desertification is gradually prevented or stopped, the well construction is replaced, the drinking water problem in Uruguay is completely solved.

b) With this project, we are starting sales in Uruguay and thus also in other South American countries with our desalination plant manufacturer - exclusive license. At the same time, we produce water, salt and serve the local and international market, take care of the necessary biomass and at the same time
produce agricultural products for the production of biofuel and produce electricity. Jobs are created, training initiated, training standards set.

c) ENSI green GmbH Deutschland has its sales and operation of the systems in Germany and in the district of Canelones/Uruguay

d) and has the best contacts to existing business partners and state institutions - up to the President in Uruguay, as well as in Argentina, Peru, Brazil and Chile, where activities in the environmental sector are being substantially expanded.

e) Technicians and employees for the service of the systems, who are also further trained and hired in our training center on site.

f) Agriculture is experiencing more sales, and thus capital, for, among other things, organic farming or the Significantly increase afforestation and hire skilled workers to relieve the labor market.
4. Summary

This project has all the prerequisites to not only meet the environmental requirements of the UNO and the to fulfill the environmental resolutions adopted at the past G20 summit (2021) on the subject, but togenerate high turnover, jobs directly and indirectly in the environmental sector, in which Agriculture - as well as to secure/create jobs directly in Germany; social, to solve economic and ecological problems. And that in a sustainable, future-oriented way. The positive image of this company opens new markets and acceptance internationally - also for the country and in the country Uruguay.
Safe and potable water is a basic necessity that is difficult to access nowadays.
Mechanical Vapor Compression (MVC) is one of the most energy saving desalination processes as the heat is recovered.
WME today is producing desalination plants with potable water production.
Sustainable project development with good sense! Technology and project partners in the network.

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