Clean water is life, clean water is the future, Ensigreen has the solution

Safeguarding water and nature: WME GmbH's eco-friendly desalination solution

Innovative, green, and portable - empowering communities with clean water independence

Safe and potable water is a basic necessity that is difficult to access nowadays. The climate change causes water scarcity and droughts to occur with increasing frequency. In addition, sources of good quality water are depleting in tandem with the rise of sea levels. As a result, seawater desalination will become a more and more important source for drinking water.

Unfortunately, conventional desalination plants discharge millions of tons of harmful chemicals into the marine environment. Thus, WME GmbH has made it its mission to develop an environmentally safe, energy self-sufficient and economically viable solution.
The water produced has an outstanding quality and can be used for both drinking and industrial processes. No chemicals are added in the process and no harmful byproducts are released into the environment, therefore making our technology uniquely harmless for marine life.

Many areas with water shortage are secluded and hard to access by road. Therefore, WME has designed its products to be easily transportable by ship, remotely controlled, low-maintenance and able to be directly powered through wind or solar power. This autarkic and compact technology is eligible even for structurally weak areas.
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