Flexible Process runs independent

WME: Leading 20 m3/h desalination innovation

Pioneering efficiency in water production

WME today is producing desalination plants with potable water production in the order of magnitude of 20 m3/h. Because of the intensive R + D work the WME-plant stands out with the following advantages:
Flexible Process
Runs independent of composition of feed water and no costly pretreatment necessary since a coarse filter is sufficient.
Long Lifespan
All parts (incl. electrical components) are designed for a long-term operation. The materials are with maximum resistance to corrosion and temperature used, so no fouling or scaling is necassary.
Easy Operation
Fully automatic plants, remotely operated and monitored witha minimal maintenance required can be started without preparation after shutdown suitable for drinking, irrigating farmland and industrial use.
High Quality Water
The produced water is suitable for drinking, irrigating farmland and industrial use.
Economic Benefits
Energy-saving technology with added value for the region in form of e.g. agricultural improvements or salt works.
Versatile power supply
The process can be connected to the power grid or operated offgrid using renewable energy plants (wind, solar, biogas) or diesel generators
Plant is pre-installed in standard sea containers making it easy to transport and quickly installed.
Environmentally Safe
No chemical additives,no emissions, no heavy metals discharged.

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