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A installation and commissioning of biogas plants.

1.The second project includes (in parallel):

a) the installation and commissioning of biogas plants of the latest development (emission = zero) as Electricity generation power plant with 1 to 3 MW capacity (4000 households/16,000 people)

b) the important and existing cooperation with the biogas plant manufacturer (delivery, installation, commissioning, service, training) – exclusive license for all of Latin America.

c) the cooperation with the affiliated farms (straw/reed delivery)

d) the contract with the Ministry of Energy and the State Energy Company

e) Straw/reed delivery by own farm (10 ha). The preliminary talks on power generation and acceptance have already been held with the Compañía Administradora del Mercado Mayorista Eléctrico with positive results.
2. Goals/initial Situation

Even if intelligent structural programs for private energy supply are already being initiated and were, the electricity market in Uruguay generally remains expandable (61% electricity generation missing renewable energy with 122% state electricity production - as of 2022), since the electricity export on
the one hand but the increasing demand for energy due to economic growth (Mercosur) on the other hand:

a) to cover the future increasing demand for energy (electromobility, vehicles with Fuel cell engines -
production of hydrogen, our seawater desalination plants).

b) to sell the energy surpluses to the neighboring countries to increase the share of clean energy
3. Effects

a) The share of emissions in energy production is reduced and the state and other countries are supplied with clean electricity if required - also for electromobility and vehicles Fuel cell engines - supplied.

b) This project opens up another market for German biogas plants. Planned is that ENSI green GmbH Germany and ENSI green SA Uruguay practically implements the sale of the systems via the German headquarters from Uruguay and expands the marketing - through public relations measures aimed at
environmental policy; here a substantially positive image building enables distribution and sales in Latin America.

c) best contacts to existing partners in Uruguay, Peru, Brazil, Chile and Argentina are substantially expanded in the environmental sector; there are good contacts with key government officials – right up to the President of Uruguay.

d) Technicians and employees for the service of the systems on site in our training center be trained and hired.

e) Secondary to our turnover from operations and sales, agriculture more turnover and thus Capital raised to significantly increase organic farming and afforestation, among other things.

f) Hydrogen production in Uruguay can start to e.g., indicate the future market to operate fuel cell vehicles (cars, ships). Or another source for the storage of energy is obtained (energy is released by splitting hydrogen into water and oxygen, electricity is generated; hydrogen, among other things, works as an energy storage medium of the future), drinking water is made available
4. Summary

This project has all the prerequisites to not only meet the environmental requirements of the UNO and the to fulfill the environmental resolutions adopted at the past G20 summit (2021) on the subject, but to generate high turnover, jobs directly and indirectly in the environmental sector, in which Agriculture -
as well as to secure/create jobs directly in Germany; social, to solve economic and ecological problems. And that in a sustainable, future-oriented way.
5. Profitability

See the calculation in the attachment. The selling price for the water can be doubled without objection.
The calculation clearly shows how lucrative the project is.
6. Distribution

The high cleaning costs for contaminated drinking water are compared to the excellent drinking water of ENSI green GmbH. Therefore, the offers - also compared to the Food industry - achieve acceptance through attractiveness (in terms of good value for money).

In addition, the lowering of the groundwater in all countries - which are affected by climate change - is avoided or reduced by the water supply of ENSI green GmbH. In addition, the food industry creates a very good image ("We are sustainable, protect the local water and our nature").

Sales are divided into two areas: Europe and Latin America. The European headquarters is in Berlin, the Latin America headquarters is in Canelones/Bello Horizonte. The subject of hydrogen is becoming increasingly important: Mercedes only recently presented its latest truck, with a fuel cell engine and a
range of 1000 km. China is also starting to mass-produce vehicles with fuel cell engines. The topic of water is therefore of enormous importance for future global mobility.
7. Investment in the Future

With ENSI green GmbH or SA Uruguay, you have an excellent, sustainable, and forward-looking investment opportunity with a predictable very good return (see in attachment). An investment with us is a capital increase "without worries", the solution for drinking water, energy, and education. Because all this is always needed, water always drunk, Energy always needed, education a prerequisite for the future, agricultural produce an important basis. Top specialists with international contacts and experience are at your side with ENSI green GmbH.
8. Security

The question of security is important to every investor. What guarantees do we offer? On the one hand, a reserve fund and on the other hand, the machines and the "industrial park" remain your property with a longevity of 30 years, which shows an annual increase in value of 30% (prospectively secured for 3 years), since the demand for these machines is very high and the production time of the machines is at least 15 months. And of course - in addition to all preliminary agreements with government organizations - our competent team, which can look back on several decades of project management experience and qualification as well as initiation.
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